Thomas Schweizer

My mission is to empower people and improve their lives by building software. I believe technology should adapt to their users and not the otherway around.
I'm particularly interested in the interaction between Software Engineering and Machine Learning systems, from the design to their deployment and how they impact society.

I work at Mila where I develop software tools and methodologies to drive cutting-edge research in the domain of machine learning and its implementation in production. In fall 2020, I will join the University of Washington as a PhD student to work with Professors René Just and Michael Ernst. I've also been working since 2014 for the Digger Foundation, a humanitarian company, where I design, develop, and deploy software systems to detect and eliminate landmines.

In June 2020, I graduated from the University of Montreal with a Masters in Computer Science. My advisor, Professor Michalis Famelis, and I researched approaches to automatically identify design related changes through the evolution of software metrics in projects.

My other topics of interest are AI (e.g., Software Biomimicry, Emergent Behaviors, Neural Networks), Software Engineering, Data Science, and UI/UX design. I'm also an avid book reader and hiker :).