Thomas Schweizer

Bienvenue! Willkommen! Benvenuto!

About me

After graduating at the top of my class, winning multiple awards, in Software Engineering at the HEIG-VD in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, I joined the Digger Foundation to complete my mandatory national service. Since then, I'm continuing to work for them by developing software systems that are making the world a better place and learning new skills by working on personnal software projects.

My mission is to empower people and improve their lifes with software that focuses on intuitive user interfaces and quality source code. I'm also interested in using software biomimicry, swarms, and emergent behaviours.

I'm currently doing my graduate school at the University of Montreal under the supervision of professor Michalis Famelis.


I'm currently developing and designing Seshat. This project is a response to the lack of quality open source class diagrams. With this project, I'm also aiming to upgrade the concept of class diagram and application design.

Past projects